Bonnie Sandera, BBA, Cht.

What is Shamanic Energy Medicine?

This healing modality is based on a holistic view of health and well being as practiced by shamanic healers around the globe. A person’s health is assessed through tracking the alignment of body, mind and spirit. This balance is essential for internal as well as external health (relationship to others and the world around us).
Illness is believed to have an energetic origin based in a traumatic event that the person has experienced. This event can be recent or long ago and beyond immediate recall. The trauma leaves an energetic imprint that if left unattended and unhealed, can develop into a chronic emotional, mental or physical condition. Therefore the shaman tracks for and addresses the origins of this trauma at the energetic level, thereby removing the imprint and its influence on our health and well being.
Sometimes we may have trouble freeing ourselves form-limiting beliefs, which result in repetitive and damaging patterns of behavior. Our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being may be compromised, despite our best efforts to change. Shamanic healing is a powerful tool for tracing the roots of the issue to its energetic source, rather than focusing on the all too familiar story. From this energetic origin our affinity for the issue can be transformed. This in turn frees us from old binding thought and behavior patterns and connects us to our dreams and the infinite possibilities available to us.

Who could benefit from a Shamanic Energy Session

Shamanic energy sessions focus on the following aspects: Power loss, Soul loss, Intrusions, Spirit releasing, Ancestral work and Energetic imprints in the luminous energy field. People experiencing any of the following are candidates for shamanic energy work:
•Repetitive negative behavior patterns/addiction
• Emotional or health issues related to your ancestry
• Past emotional traumas that continue to haunt you
• Apathy, numbness, lack of vitality or fatigue
• An unhealthy attachment to any individual
• Chronic illness or weak immune system
• A propensity toward addictions and destructive behaviors
• Feelings of emptiness
• Feelings of watching your life from the outside
• Inexplicable mood swings or personality shifts

What to Expect in a Shamanic Energy Session

A typical session takes approximately 1 hour. All shamanic work is conducted in a very safe environment and is strictly private and confidential.
The process involves a consultation where you are given the time to talk about the presenting problem. In telling “your story”, the shaman is given the opportunity to track where the toxic energy imprint is housed within your energy systems. When the location is identified, the process continues by having you comfortably recline and the work of clearing your energy field proceeds.

After the session you may be given homework and suggestions for lifestyle changes that may be necessary to support the healing process.

Depending on the nature of the work involved, significant healing can be accomplished in a little as 3 sessions. The success is affected by the intensity of your desire for healing, and your willingness to actively create healing patterns in your life.

Preparation for a Session

Having a clear intention and desire for healing as well as being willing to let go of old patterns that are unhealthy, strengthens the effect of the session.
Before your session it is helpful to reflect on the following:
• What is not working in my life?
• What feels out of balance?
• What is missing, or what qualities have I lost which I long to reclaim?
• Are there unhealthy patterns in my life which keep repeating?
• Are there people in my life to which I have an unhealthy connection?
• Are there places in my body where I am regularly feeling pain?
• Does my life feel out of control?
• Are there themes in my ancestry which are getting repeated in my life?

It is important to avoid alcohol and recreational drugs before and after your session.

After your session it may take 1-3 days to fully integrate the healing you have received. Be sure to take time afterwards to nurture yourself. The effects of the healing can be gradual or dramatic, each individual experiences this differently.

Prayer for Creating Sacred Space
To open sacred space hold your palm up and face the direction indicated as you speak the invocation.
To close sacred space face and thank each direction.

To the winds of the South: Great serpent, wrap your coils of light around us, teach us to shed the past the way you shed your skin, to walk softly on the Earth, Teach us the beauty way.

To the winds of the West: Mother, Sister Jaguar, protect our medicine space. Teach us the way of peace, to live impeccably, to have no enemies in this world or the next. Show us the way beyond death.

To the winds of the North: royal Hummingbird, Grandmothers and Grandfathers. Ancient Ones, come and warm your hands by our fires, whisper to us in the wind. We honor you who have come before us and you who will come after us, our Children’s Children.

The winds of the East: Great Eagle, Condor, come to us fro the place of the rising sun. Tuck us tightly under your great wing as you show us the mountains we only dare to dream of. Teach us to fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit.

Mother Earth
We’ve gathered for the healing of all your children, the stone people, the plant people, the four legged, the two legged, the creepy crawlers, the finned, the furred, and the winged ones, all our relations.

Father sun, Grandmother Moon, to the Star Nations, Great Spirit
You who are know by a thousand names, and you who are the unnamable one. Thank you for bringing us together and allowing us to sing the song of life.

Client Homework
Please make sure your assigned homework is done before you next session

___ Death Arrow: A death arrow is used to symbolically give final release to old patterns, emotions or ways of thinking that no longer serve us.
1. Find a stick that you wish to burn. It can be as small as a toothpick (for candle fires).
2. blow into this stick three times any issues, patterns etc. that you are prepared to release or the issue we have worked on during you appointment.
3. Say a word of thanks or prayer when your stick goes into the fire.

___ Fire Ceremony: Fires is used as a symbolic and energetic way to quickly transform patterns of energy or to mobilize prayers.
1. Use a fire pit, fire place or container that will burn wood
2. You can also use a candle
3. Open sacred space with the attach invocation
4. Light the fire and place your death arrow into the flames
5. Watch the death arrow burn completely
6. Close sacred space by using the attached invocation.

___ Healing Bath: helps dissolve residual energies and cleanses the luminous energy field.
1. Dissolve 1 cup of baking soda and 1 cup of sea salt or Epsom salt into a bath.
2. Immerse most of your skin for 10-15 minutes, no longer
3. Immediately rinse off with a shower
4. Do not re-use the bath water.

___ Altar: An Altar is a symbolic and literal way to work with energies that need honoring. It is typically left open for one month, but may stay open longer or indefinitely.
1. Create a space in your home that will be undisturbed.
2. Place items on your Altar to represent the energies you are working with. (Choose items that feel right to you which could include pictures of family members.)
3. Visit your altar daily and either say a prayer, give thanks or make an offering (food, wine incense, tobacco, flowers, etc.)

___ Observe your life

___ Bring beauty back into your life EVERY DAY

• Shaman, Healer, Sage, by Alberto Villoldo
• The Four Insights, Wisdom, Power, and Grace of the Earth keepers, by Alberto Villoldo

bringing us together and allowing us to sing the song of life.