Luminous Healing,

Bonnie Sandera,

Shamanic Energy Practitioner and Educator

 Mesa South begins February 15,16,22,23 6-10 pm

3171 Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington NC


The purpose of the Earth medicine Mesa Journey is engage in deep personal healing work which will take you to the place of self discovery as never before. Participants will also learn spiritual philosophies that they will take out into the world and their everyday life. Participants will be taught healing exercises including the illumination process used by Shamanic healers from the high mountains of Peru. My philosophy is the more healing and self discovery we engage in the happy you will become in your everyday life.

With each direction of the Earth Medicine Mesa participants will do deep personal healing work along with learning the spiritual philosophies of the indigenous people of the Americas. You will take these teachings out into your life which will bring you joy and the ability to interact with others in a positive way.  You will learn several healing techniques taught by the Quero, the people of the Peruvian Andes and techniques taught by other Native American Shaman and Healers.

The South:

The focus on this workshop is to develop a spiritual practice that is Earth Based. During this session we will begin to shed our old stories just as the serpent sheds their skin. As we embrace the archetype of the Sushamoma, the great water serpent, we will begin to move into wholeness and it will continue as we realize we are in control of our lives. The philosophies that are taught will be experienced through our own personal healing and we begin to live life through the Beauty Way. Many students feel their lives become easier and they learn to deal with others in a positive way. Each participant will bring three stones as we begin to develop our Mesa for our own person healing. We will increase our tracking skills as these teachings bring strength and balance to our lives as we learn and practice the Shamanic Illumination process. We will receive two of the great Rites, The Harmony rites and the Bands of Power and Protection. These rites will give us the tools we need as we move into our place of power.

The West:

As we continue our spiritual journey we are introduced to our great ally Otarungo, the Jaguar, and Chocachinchay, the rainbow Jaguar warrior. Jaguar will be our ally as we examine “The Shadow” part of our being, that part of us we do not want to recognize.  We will learn to meet the death that stalks us as we track the and clear the wounds of our ancestors. We will also track our past-life traumas and bring them into balance. We will begin to embrace our becoming, as we embody the luminous Warrior. Chocachinchay will help us deepen our tracking skills as we embrace the path of the Luminous Warrior and learn the extraction process. Each student will bring three stones to be used as Kulas, or mesa stone. We will receive the Healer and Seer Rites and celebrate fire ceremony as we move into our becoming.


The North

We celebrate our lives as we continue to complete our personal and ancestral work. We are now able to sit in ceremony with our linage, our ancestors drawing on their knowledge and spirituality. We learn about timelessness, invisibility and flexibility. The North is where we identify our roles in life, which can keep us from moving forward into our becoming. We continue to enhance our tracking skills. The archetype we embrace is the Royal Hummingbird, Siwarkintay. Hummingbird teaches us to move through life effortlessly with joy and humility. Participants will bring three stone that will become part of their Mesa Kulas. They will also receive their linage stone, the stone that is handed down from teacher to student to complete their mesa. Participants will be gifted the Day keeper’s, Wisdom keeper’s and Earth Keeper’s Rites and participate in a Soul Retrieval.

The East

Our final direction takes us into the realms of vision, destiny and moving into our becoming. We as a group begin the process of “Dreaming the World into being.” We work with the Archetypes of Condor, Apuchin, and Eagle, Anka, who brings to us the gift of expansive vision. This is the Journey of the Visionaries. We change our world by changing our perceptions. We begin to let go of control, removing our projections so we may take that giant leap into the future by participating in a Destiny Retrieval. Participants will bring three stones to be added to their Mesa as Kulas. Participants will be gifted the Star Keepers, and Creator’s Rites which will awaken us to the Christ and Creator in all of us.

About the Instructor:

Bonnie Sandera has been working in the Healing/Energy field for over 24 years, and has a Bachelor of Science from St. Johns University. Bonnie has received her certification, 500 class room hours in Shamanic Energy Healing from the Four Winds Society and Alberto Villoldo. Bonnie also works Q’ero Elders Don Martin and Don Marco. She is an initiated Masada carrier in the Inca tradition and a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners, an organization created to support the re-emergence of using shamanism as a form of spiritual healing in our culture and nitrating it with western medicine.


Candidates should be at ease with their skills of meditating. It is important that each participant be committed to their own personal healing and self discovery. Please contact Bonnie Sandera, 585-301-6957 or for additional information.

Class size is limited to 12 people.

Class fee is $250.

A $100.00 holds your spot

2 spots are available

Tuition is non-refundable, unless your space in the training is filled by another.

Send registration fee to:

Bonnie Sandera, 2550 Sailmaker Walk, Wilmington, NC 28409